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The greatest gift you can give your family is to pre-arrange your funeral.

The emotional distress that many people experience at the time of a loved one’s death can have a paralysing effect upon their ability to think and plan rationally. Answers to simple questions can become a stumbling block that causes the person even more distress; pre-planning prevents embarrassment and makes the process of arranging a funeral simpler.

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There are many things to look for when choosing a final resting place for your loved one, or for yourself.

It can be a very difficult time, especially if you are in the midst of grieving. Centenary Memorial Gardens can help you through this challenging time to put to rest your loved one with compassion and care. Centenary Memorial Gardens is a peaceful reprieve from busy Brisbane, surrounded by bushland reserve, located on the outskirts of the city in Sumner. Our vast reserve is thoughtfully and lovingly arranged with water features, landscaping, flowers, and benches, where you can return to visit your friend or family member. We provide Brisbane funerals, burials, and cremations in a beautiful, serene, and peaceful location.

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Here at Centenary Memorial Gardens, we are one of a few Brisbane Crematoriums, but one that is truly dedicated to offering serene and tranquil locations to lay your loved one to rest after they have been cremated.

We provide cremation services in Brisbane, as well as the opportunity to also place that person’s ashes here at Centenary Memorial Gardens. Our landscaped grounds are home for the Federation Chapel, where you can choose to hold the funeral service. The chapel features a unique leadlight window designed for Centenary Memorial Gardens.

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Memorial Plaques

Throughout history, mankind has erected memorials to help honour and remember loved ones.

Placing a suitable memorial for a deceased family member or friend can be beneficial to those left behind.

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Granite Memorials

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