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The greatest gift you can give your family is to pre-arrange your funeral. The emotional distress that many people experience at the time of a loved one’s death can have a paralysing effect upon their ability to think and plan rationally. When grieving, answers to even simple questions can become daunting and cause a person even more distress. Pre-planning prevents embarrassment and makes the process of arranging a funeral simpler.

When you think about it logically, it makes sense to pre-plan, after all, you choose which house to buy, you decided when it was time to move and where you would live. You choose the cars you drive, just as you choose to make all the really important decisions in life instead of letting someone else decide for you.  Why then do so many people not want to have a say in where they will rest eternally? Perhaps it is because many people simply don’t want to think about dying (yet it is inevitable) or perhaps for some, they think that by pre planning they will die sooner (there is no evidence to support this theory).

The truth is, there are far more benefits to pre-planning than most people realise:

•   You save money by purchasing at today’s price and avoiding future price increases

•   You have a say in what area of the cemetery you want to be buried. Your family are able to purchase adjacent sites which may not be an option at a later date and you have the security of knowing your loved ones will be cared for when the need arises

•   Your spouse, family and friends will be protected from unexpected financial stress

•   You will have peace of mind knowing that you have set everything in place and that your wishes will be followed

•   Pre-planning investment funds are exempt under the income and asset tests and deemed earning rules

•   You can be confident that the funds set aside for your last resting place will only be used for that purpose