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Monumental Garden

"Situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains, the Monumental Lawn is both picturesque and private."

The Monumental Lawn is situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains. Majestic gum trees rise up from the sides of the hills that fall away into the valley before rising again on the other side of the stream. Monumental Lawn provides visitors with views from The Arbor around to Golden Wattle Lawn. This is a more formal area with upright granite monuments mounted on a concrete beam for stability and gold inscribed letters. Each row is separated by a hedge which is maintained slightly higher than the monuments for privacy. Cremation sites accommodate up to three (3) people in the Monumental Lawn and can be purchased along side each other to form a family memorial estate the size of which can be determined by the number of people in the family. 

A standard granite monument with inscription of 100 characters is included in the site fee in Monumental Lawn. However, there is a wide range of styles and colours available and our design staff can assist you with a personalised monument. 

As with all areas of Centenary Memorial Gardens, sites can be pre-purchased.