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Lone Pine Lawn

“In a world that idolises big names, true heroes for the most part are anonymous. True heroes don’t surpass all others in the pursuit of personal glory, but serve their fellow man with no thought to their own wellbeing. True heroes are men and women who, by their example, inspire us to be better people, to do what is right, to achieve what is great and to reach for the stars, whatever the cost.”

At Centenary Memorial Gardens we have created a special burial and inurnment area named after the historical Lone Pine tree in Gallipoli in remembrance of those who fought and paid the ultimate price for the love and security of their families and country. While many Returned Service men and women have chosen The Lone Pine Lawn as their final resting place, the essential difference between Centenary Memorial Gardens and others is that family members may be buried with their loved one or purchase a site alongside the Returned Service Person. At Centenary Memorial Gardens we feel that the bonds of love that bind families together in life, should not be broken by separation after death. 

Memorialisation in Lone Pine Lawn is with a bronze plaque mounted on a concrete desk. Polished granite desks are also available for purchase. All plaques are mounted on a concrete beam for stability. Burial sites can be pre-purchased which helps take away some of the emotional stress families experience at the passing of a loved one.