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Golden Wattle Lawns

"The Golden Wattle Lawn has been designed with diverse ethnic and religious needs in mind."

This area has been designed with the needs of the diverse ethnic and religious requirements of our city in mind. Golden Wattle is a full monumental area that provides an option for either burial direct into the ground or into an in-ground vault. A larger than normal pathway separates each row. Side by side single, double and triple sites are available and pre-need purchases can be made by regular interest free payments over six (6) months. 

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Monumental Lawn

"Situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains, the Monumental Lawn is both picturesque and private."

The Monumental Lawn is situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains. Majestic gum trees rise up from the sides of the hills that fall away into the valley before rising again on the other side of the stream. Monumental Lawn provides visitors with views from The Arbor around to Golden Wattle Lawn.

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The Arbor

"Families can spend time visiting their loved ones in the ample shade of the leafy Tulipwood trees that form The Arbor."

Entering Centenary Memorial Gardens, visitors pass the Arbor of shady Tulipwood trees on their left. The Arbor provides in-ground burial sites with just eight (8) sites per tree. Balmoral Red Granite surrounds form the perfect base for the bronze memorial plaques. It is not uncommon to see visitors sitting in the ample shade of the leafy Tulipwood trees while their children play near where grandparents have been laid to rest. It is indeed a heart warming sight to see families so relaxed and willing to spend time visiting their loved ones.
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Lone Pine Lawn

“In a world that idolises big names, true heroes for the most part are anonymous. True heroes don’t surpass all others in the pursuit of personal glory, but serve their fellow man with no thought to their own wellbeing. True heroes are men and women who, by their example, inspire us to be better people, to do what is right, to achieve what is great and to reach for the stars, whatever the cost.”

At Centenary Memorial Gardens we have created a special burial and inurnment area named after the historical Lone Pine tree in Gallipoli in remembrance of those who fought and paid the ultimate price for the love and security of their families and country. 

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Watson Lawn

"The Watson Lawn is an intimate burial area surrounded by hedges and the colours of the Australia Bush."

This lawn provides an intimate burial area surrounded by hedges that have as a backdrop the distinctive colours of the Australian Bush. 

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