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Lakeside Orchid Garden

Lakeside Orchid"A tranquil setting where visitors can relax and reflect on the treasured memories of their loved one."

At the edge of one of our lakes you can find the tranquil setting for the gardens that form the area we call “The Lakes.” Sitting on the park bench shaded by one of the majestic gum trees that overlooks the lake, visitors can be forgiven for thinking that they have left the city and arrived in the country. The friendly welcome from one of the kookaburra’s as you watch the smaller birds darting among the reeds helps you to relax as you begin to reflect upon your favourite memories of a family member resting amongst the boulders and colourful shrubbery that abound in this peaceful setting.

The Lakes offer a number of forms of memorialisation ranging from a single plaque on a small granite boulder through to multiple plaques on larger boulders for family groups.

Sites can be pre-purchased and held for future use.