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Heritage Terraces

Heritage Terraces"Overlooking the lakes and with sweeping views of the grounds the Heritage terraces provide sites for both burials and the interment of ashes in a lawn setting.The individual terraces have been named to honour people who have significantly contributed to Brisbane and Queensland."

THE JOHN PETRIE TERRACE: John Petrie (1822-1892) was the first Mayor of Brisbane, 1859.

THE ROBERT HERBERT TERRACE: Robert Herbert (1831-1905) was Queensland's first Premier, 1859.

THE JOHN OXLEY TERRACE: During his 1823 expedition, John Oxley (1784-1828) discovered the Brisbane River.

THE DAPHNE MAYO TERRACE: Prominent sculptor, Daphne Mayo (1895-1982) created the Tympanum of the Brisbane City Hall.