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Gumnut Garden

Gumnut Garden"Love me faithfully, just as I will always love you. Love me with your heart and soul for I am with you even though I am far away."

Gumnut Garden is dedicated to preserving the memory of children. An area set aside just for babies, toddlers and children up to seven years where they can be remembered by their Mum’s and Dad’s as well as brothers and sisters and other family members as someone who touched their lives, even if it was for just brief moments or a few short years. 

Visitors pass two statues as they enter the garden, a young boy rides his tricycle with his sister holding on behind while their faithful dog is also there to protect them. "Tricycle Pair” remind us that the children in this garden will be forever young in our memories. 

There are seats unlike any others for parents and grandparents to use and in spring visitors can pick flowers from the garden beds and place at the graves of their babies. Here you will find balloons and bears and other favourite things that had special significance to a child. Hedges enclose the garden providing a comforting atmosphere for grieving family members that need privacy. During December parents are invited to decorate their child’s grave. Four times each year we remove excess, damaged or unacceptable items from the area to help keep it a safe place for other children to play while their parents are visiting   

Memorial plaques can be less formal and available in the shape of a bear or train as well as having images of pets, ballet dancer or angels. All plaques are mounted on the concrete desk provided. Polished granite desks are also available for purchase. All desks are attached to a concrete beam for stability.