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Granite Headstones - Brisbane

Granite MemorialsThere are three burial areas at Centenary Memorial Gardens where granite is used for the memorialisation. In each of these areas we use a different style of headstone to create the memorial.

All granite memorials are supplied exclusively by Centenary Memorial Gardens using quality materials and work by a highly skilled stone mason using granite suited for outdoor use.

MONUMENTAL LAWN: Headstones in this area have a support beam made from the same granite. To prevent the possibility over time of a headstone moving, they are all attached to a solid foundation beam. There are a variety of colours and styles to choose from and we can assist families to design their headstone.

HERITAGE TERRACES: In this section all the headstones are mounted directly on the solid wall that forms each terrace level. Each monument is created using Blue Pearl Granite with a gently curving top.

GOLDEN WATTLE: Here in this section the entire grave is covered  with a raised granite base set on a solid foundation. The headstones are available in a variety of colours and designs or something special can be created.

INSCRIPTIONS: Unless otherwise requested, all inscriptions are finished with Gold or Silver leaf. There are a variety of English font styles as well as Chinese Characters, Vietnamese and many other languages.   

To enquire about our headstones in Brisbane, please contact us.