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Golden Wattle Lawns

Golden Wattle"The Golden Wattle Lawn has been designed with diverse ethnic and religious needs in mind."

This area has been designed with the needs of the diverse ethnic and religious requirements of our city in mind. Golden Wattle is a full monumental area that provides an option for either burial direct into the ground or into an in-ground vault. A larger than normal pathway separates each row. Side by side single, double and triple sites are available and pre-need purchases can be made by regular interest free payments over six (6) months. 

Golden Wattle sits in a commanding position overlooking the valley and stream. Early morning and later in the afternoon the kangaroos gather in the shade of the trees that line the bank of the stream, occasionally taking flight when staff trespass too closely as they mow the lawn. 

Memorialisation in Golden Wattle reflects the cultural background of the families and allows for personal expression of love for the deceased family member. Memorials are individually designed to suit the requirements of each family.