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Gumnut Garden

"Love me faithfully, just as I will always love you. Love me with your heart and soulfor I am with you even though I am far away."

Gumnut Garden is dedicated to preserving the memory of children. An area set aside just for babies, toddlers and children up to seven years where they can be remembered by their Mum’s and Dad’s as well as brothers and sisters and other family members as someone who touched their lives, even if it was for just brief moments or a few short years. 

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Garden of Reflection

"We recognise that families want to be able to have choices, not only in life, but in death as well."

The first of its kind in Queensland, this very special garden provides grieving family members the opportunity to visit the ashes of their loved one during the temporary period between the funeral and the permanent placement of the ashes. Just as visiting the burial site can assist families and friends to cope with the sadness of death, so too visiting the ashes soon after the funeral can help with the journey through grief as you continue to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one

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The Secret Garden

"An elegantly formal setting for a loved one's final resting place."

The Secret Garden with it’s fragrant roses, offers families the opportunity to memorialise the ashes of their departed loved one in a setting inspired by the Edwardian era. Radiating out from a central fountain, eight paths bisect four circles forming ever increasingly larger garden beds. The entire garden is surrounded by a hedge that provides privacy for family and friends of the deceased. Entry to the secret garden is via an arch at the end of a concrete path. Red and white roses planted in the Secret Garden carry the colour theme through from other gardens.

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Rocky Spring Garden

"An intimate and informal area for the memorialisation of ashes."

The series of landscaped individual rockeries provides an intimate and informal area for the memorialisation of ashes in the Rockery. Set on a gentle slope with concrete access paths, the seven rockeries overlook the bushland that surrounds Centenary Memorial Gardens. Families can have the plaque mounted to one of the boulders that have been selected in random sizes and placed in the gardens. Each garden features a different shrub that helps family members identify where their loved one is memorialised. 
Currently, we have established rockeries with: Grevillea, Hibiscus, Gardenia, Camellia, Magnolia, Oleander and Tibouchina.

For families who desire informality blended with a touch of colour, the Memorial Rock Garden is the ideal choice.

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Lakeside Orchid Garden

"A tranquil setting where visitors can relax and reflect on the treasured memories of their loved one."

At the edge of one of our lakes you can find the tranquil setting for the gardens that form the area we call “The Lakes.” Sitting on the park bench shaded by one of the majestic gum trees that overlooks the lake, visitors can be forgiven for thinking that they have left the city and arrived in the country. The friendly welcome from one of the kookaburra’s as you watch the smaller birds darting among the reeds helps you to relax as you begin to reflect upon your favourite memories of a family member resting amongst the boulders and colourful shrubbery that abound in this peaceful setting.

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The Avenue

"The Avenue is a golden spectacle to delight the senses as the Yellow Poincianas flower along the sweeping driveway."

Entering the grounds of Centenary Memorial Gardens, visitors follow the gracefully curving driveway along the Avenue of Yellow Poincianas. Balmoral Red Granite tree surrounds provide the base for all the memorial plaques along The Avenue. In this section of the cemetery, all the plaques are the same size and style to suit ashes interments.

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Banjo Patterson Columbarian

"Plaques can be supplied with borders depicting gum leaves, centenary pansies, oak leaves or roses."

Standing prominently on a grassy slope overlooking the lakes, the Banjo Paterson Columbarium Wall has been positioned with care so as to allow the rays of the sun to rest on each side of the wall every day so as to reduce the incidence of mildew so frequently seen throughout Brisbane.

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Rose Terraces

Located on the side of a gentle slope, the Garden Of Serenity overlooks the lakes and water spout fountains.

Standard Red and White Roses feature prominently throughout the Garden of Serenity and when in bloom, they become a focal point of the grounds. At various times throughout the year visitors to the Garden of Serenity are treated to the delightful sight of the adult ducks taking their chicks for their first swim on the lakes or leading them to new areas to forage.

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Forest of Angels

THE FOREST OF ANGELS: This area provides a bush garden setting for the placement of cremated remains. Meandering pathways wind their way amongst the one hundred trees and shrubs planted in 2011 and allowed to mature.

Visitors to this garden often see kangaroo and other wildlife feeding nearby.

The garden is spread over several levels and each site is supplied with a granite plinth on which a 200 x 200 bronze plaque is placed. 

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Monumental Garden

"Situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains, the Monumental Lawn is both picturesque and private."

The Monumental Lawn is situated on the scenic rim above the lakes and fountains. Majestic gum trees rise up from the sides of the hills that fall away into the valley before rising again on the other side of the stream. Monumental Lawn provides visitors with views from The Arbor around to Golden Wattle Lawn.

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Lone Pine Garden

“In a world that idolises big names, true heroes for the most part are anonymous. True heroes don’t surpass all others in the pursuit of personal glory, but serve their fellow man with no thought to their own wellbeing...”

At Centenary Memorial Gardens we have created a special burial and inurnment area named after the historical Lone Pine tree in Gallipoli in remembrance of those who fought and paid the ultimate price for the love and security of their families and country. 

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