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Garden of Reflection

"We recognise that families want to be able to have choices, not only in life, but in death as well."

The first of its kind in Queensland, this very special garden provides grieving family members the opportunity to visit the ashes of their loved one during the temporary period between the funeral and the permanent placement of the ashes. Just as visiting the burial site can assist families and friends to cope with the sadness of death, so too visiting the ashes soon after the funeral can help with the journey through grief as you continue to celebrate and remember the life of your loved one.

Our commitment to caring for the families who entrust us with the ashes of their loved ones can be seen in the Garden of Reflection. At the time of death many families are unable to make clear decisions and choosing the final resting place is something that takes time and should not be done in a rush or with a feeling of being forced to make a decision just to suit a timetable.

The Garden of Reflection allows families up to three months to come and visit the deceased while at the same time wandering around the grounds to find a site that best suits their needs. The ashes are placed in the garden of reflection the first working day after the funeral, unless other arrangements are in place. There are no fees for the Garden of Reflection.

Centenary Memorial Gardens recognises that the needs of the community are constantly changing and that families want to be able to have choices, not only in life, but in death as well. The Garden of Reflection provides the opportunity to have choices and the time to make them so that in the end, each family knows they have made the best decision.