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Centenary Memorial Gardens is committed to providing personal and sensitive service to you, your family and friends as we honour the memory of those who have died.

Cremation Options

When deciding where to place the cremated remains of your loved one, you make choose a lakeside memorial, or perhaps the granite solidarity of The Avenue, adorned with its beautiful yellow Poinciana trees.

Constant care of the gracious lanws, gardens and special features is assured. Furthermore, your choice will be respected and maintained in an appropriate manner.

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Burial Options

Centenary Memorial Gardens provides a variety of burial options to cater for a range of tastes and preferrences.

Options to consider include the intimate Watson & Reid Lawns, The Arbor Lawn which allows burial under a shady tulipwood tree, the Monumental Lawn overlooking the lakes, The Golden Wattle Lawn accomodating vaults, and for the children, The Gumnut Garden, a privately area solely for babies, toddlers and children up to seven years of age.

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Time to Reflect

When the service ends it is important to have time to reflect with family and friends and share memories of your loved one in relaxing and comfortable surroundings.

We invite you to use our lounge and patio to alleviate the stress of home catering. Our caterers provide a variety of options, all of which feature a fruit platter and home baked cakes, biscuits and slices made to old fashioned recipes.

Peace of Mind

Change and choice are two of the most important factors in modern life. These characteristics have taken on a vital role in our lives, and in particilar, influence the way we cope with death.

Centenery Memorial Gardens helps you to acknowledge change and provides you with a wide range of choices in order to satisfy your personal preferrences.

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