Memorial Plaques

"A memorial plaque provides
a beautiful and lasting
tribute to a person's life."

Memorial Plaques

Throughout history, mankind has erected memorials to help honour and remember loved ones. Placing a suitable memorial for a deceased family member or friend can be beneficial to those left behind.

  • Memorials help us to come to terms with the reality of death, which is vital if we are to move on with our own lives.

  • In time photos may fade, but a memorial provides a beautiful and lasting tribute to a person’s life.

  • More and more people are becoming interested in family history. To be able to visit the memorial of a relative creates a special bond and sense of identity, whether you had the chance to know them or not.

  • Memorials become a point of reference for information. Cemeteries and crematoria are generally one of the first points of call for information.

At Centenary Memorial Gardens we provide bronze plaques in a wide variety of styles ranging from 145mm x 125mm through to the popular book of life, plaques in the shape of a bear or train, even ovals and heart shapes. Our memorial plaques in Brisbane are Australian made to a high quality and are a beautiful addition to honour your loved one.Granite headstones are also available in a variety of styles and colours. One of our staff is able to sit with you and explain the differences and costs involved.