The Secret Garden
"An elegantly
formal setting for
a loved one's
final resting place. "

The Secret Garden with it’s fragrant roses, offers families the opportunity to memorialise the ashes of their departed loved one in a setting inspired by the Edwardian era. Radiating out from a central fountain, eight paths bisect four circles forming ever increasingly larger garden beds. The entire garden is surrounded by a hedge that provides privacy for family and friends of the deceased. Entry to the secret garden is via an arch at the end of a concrete path. Red and white roses planted in the Secret Garden carry the colour theme through from other gardens.

The Secret Garden offers two styles of memorialisation, families can choose a bronze plaque mounted on a granite base plus a selected rose or a bronze plaque mounted onto the granite surrounds of the garden beds.

Families desiring an elegantly formal setting for a loved one’s final resting place will find it behind the hedges in the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden 1
The Secret Garden 2
The Secret Garden 3