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Centenary Memorial Gardens
353 Wacol Station Road

P.O.Box 363
Sumner QLD 4074

Phone: (07) 3271 1222
Fax: (07) 3271 3533

ABN 44 079 650 589

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Centenary Memorial Gardens has a “no artificial flowers policy”.
We urge everyone to take a few moments to read the information below.

The Board of Centenary Memorial Gardens is committed to maintaining the cemetery and all gardens to the highest possible standard. Our flowers and ornament policy has been carefully considered so as to ensure all visitors, families, staff, and contractors are equally protected against injury in accordance with workplace health and safety guidelines and that the time spent here will be uplifting and beneficial.

Fresh Flowers: The placement of fresh flowers is always welcome. Prior to mowing, the spent flowers will be removed.

Artificial flowers, containers & miscellaneous items: Ornaments, artificial and silk flowers, plantings, glass and ceramic jars, tins, wind chimes, windmills, photo frames, statues, balloons and other non approved receptacles are not permitted and will be disposed of. There is a separate policy for Gumnut Garden that the staff will discuss with parents. Centenary Memorial Gardens does not accept responsibility for any placements by family or friends at the memorial site